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The Glutton Gift Box

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Do you know oat fans who have a busy schedule, a meticulous agenda or simply a hurried daily routine? Give them The Glutton gift box by Oatbox, the perfect gift for a family!

With an assortment of products to suit all tastes, from the young to the old, from chocolate and red fruit to more subtle flavors like vanilla and maple, there's something for everyone! 

Products included in the The Glutton gift box:

-An Oatbox tote bag

-A glass jar

-A greetings card

-An Oatbox Original Oat Beverage (946 mL)

-An Oatbox Barista Oat Beverage (946 mL)

-An Orange and dark chocolate Overnight oats (280g)

-A Salted Caramel granola (300g)

-A Maple and pecan oatmeal (300g)

-6 Strawberry and cranberry oat bars

-A box of 5 vanilla oat bars

Canadian Oats
100% Plant-Based



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