Do you know why we're all in on oats?

We believe oats can change the world one bite at a time. Here's why:

  • For a healthier planet

    Growing oats presents a lower risk of polluting surrounding waterways, as it requires less nitrogen, herbicide and and fertilizer.
    Oats are also considered “green manure” because they can be used to improve the quality of the soil. Oats trape nitrate in the ground and use it to grow.
    Growing oats requires no additional water.
    Water stored in the soil is a good source that can partially compensate for rainfall fluctuations.
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  • To strengthen, regenerate and nourish

    Oats are great allies to have by your side for a healthy digestive system. They are high in fiber.

    Oats have recognized aesthetic virtues such as strengthening hair and nails. Why? Because they naturally contains iron, calcium and magnesium.

    Oats are known for their role in preventing cardiovascular disease and improving cholesterol levels thanks to beta-glucan.
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  • For a never-ending treat

    Oat is a cereal that's good for everyone: children to the elderly, and athletes. It's filling and nutritious.

    Oat goes well with all flavors, both sweet and savory. Add some granola on your salad or soup and let us know what you find ;)

    Oat use in food is limitless. It's a cereal that leaves plenty of room for creativity... And we love that!
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