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It all starts with - you’ve guessed it - oats.
A plant-based alternative that tastes great in any shape, way or form.
No compromises. Just the best of oats.

  • Canadian Oats

  • GMO Free

  • Plant-based

  • Delicious

Oats can do it all, with less

From oat beverages to overnight oats, and oat bars; we're on a quest to offer the tastiest, healthiest, and sustainable canadian oat-based foods. Snack. Dessert. Breakfast. Midnight craving. Our oat-based food is always good.

Oat Beverages

Our Original and Barista oat beverages are made in Quebec from Canadian oats. They are dairy-free, GMO-free and contain no added sugar. Discover their versatility now.

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Oatsome News

Meet Zoé, So You Think You Can MOUSSE champ!

Zoé was the big winner of our latte art competition at our ExtraOATdinary evening on September 12th. We're taking you along an interview with her to find out more about her barista profession, her passions and her endearing personality.

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They're all in on oats


Glad I found and I will be a fan for life. It took me seventy-one years to find oatmeal I can eat! 🌾

Susan D


It’s so nice to have good customer service. I am looking forward to getting my order 📦

Kim L


So far I've enjoyed every flavour, I really like the variety of flavours 🥥🍌🍓

Taylor A


Been subscribing to Oatbox for about 6 months now and have never been disappointed!🥣

J Goulet