Where can I find Oatbox Oat Products?

We've worked hard to make our products available in over 600 points of sale, including 400 grocery stores and 200 local cafee shops. Find the grocery store near you by consulting the interactive map on one of our product collections. Are you a fan of online shopping? Visit Lufa.com or Well.ca!

Why have you stopped online sales and subscriptions?

With the entry of our products into grocery stores in 2019 and the adoption by cafee shops of our Barista oat beverage in 2023, we're super proud to have reached over 600 points of sale, including at least one near you :) We've decided to devote our efforts to making our products ever more accessible near you, to make your life easier.

Why are oats your favorite ingredient?

Oats have this wonderful power to feed more people using fewer resources, it's what the future holds. (And it's delicious too!). See our 'Why oats' page to find out more.

Can I eat oats morning, noon and night?

Oh yes, even for your midnight cravings too!

What are the superpowers of Oatbox oat m*lks?

Canadian oats, a creamy plant-based texture and no added sugar. It transforms any recipe and makes it even better. What more could you ask for?

Are your oat beverages certified gluten-free?

They are not certified and therefore not suitable for coeliacs. However, they contain less than 20ppm of gluten, and can therefore be consumed by people with gluten intolerance.

What do I get if I ask for my beverage with Oatbox oat milk at my local café?

Our eternal gratitude and Karma points for helping to spread the word about the only locally-produced, professional-quality Barista oat beverage.

How do I send you love notes?

Nothing could be simpler: write to us at info@oatbox.com, via messenger or as a private message on Instagram. We read everything, and it often makes our hearts beat faster. Thank you!