The balanced offer - To adopt new good habits

The balanced offer - To adopt new good habits

New year, new habits to take care
of yourself, and the planet! 


Let us give you a little boost, with a few gifts, at the beginning of the year.

Vacations seem like a long time ago? Do you dream of a home chef preparing all the family meals and snacks for the next few weeks? Would you like a wellness routine to magically appear when you open YouTube or Instagram? Are you hoping for 15 minutes of peace and quiet every day, just long enough to read an article in one of your favorite magazines?

We understand you.

At Oatbox, we decided to give a hand to those who want to eat better this year, prioritize alone time and self-love, take care of the planet and recharge their batteries.

Until January 31st, we will automatically add a few gifts to your box when you purchase at least one of our seasonal flavours.


What’s In Your Box




Seasonal Flavours

  • 🥣  A glass jar, ideal for taking your go-to snacks everywhere and limiting single-use packaging. No one is perfect, and no one is trying to be. But every bit of waste reduction is a small victory to be celebrated.


  • 🧘🏻‍♀️  An exclusive yoga routine offered by Eve Guilbert, as well as access to a live session for a complementary routine. This professional coach will guide you virtually for 30 minutes of exercise for all levels, which is good for the body and mind.



Yoga Routine by Eve Guilbert




  •  📖  A digital subscription to Elle Quebec magazine to take time for yourself, all year long. Whether you only have 15 minutes to read an article, or whether you spend hours flipping through your magazines to get inspired by the latest trends, the key word is ‘pleasure’!



Magazine Web Elle Québec

Complementary Offers

This offer does not require a promo code. Simply customize your box with one of our two new seasonal flavours, and be sure to order before midnight on January 31st to let us spoil you this year!

🤫 Pssst.. This offer is valid with any promotional codes you may currently have.