Health Benefits of Matcha

Health Benefits of Matcha

Matcha is a very fine powder made from green tea leaves, which are traditionally crushed between two stones. Mostly used in Japan during the traditional tea ceremony, the particularity of matcha comes from its form: the leaves are not infused but reduced to powder.

The preparation of matcha tea is not to be neglected, as it must be beaten in a bowl with a chasen, this small bamboo whip that gives its unctuous and airy foam.


Fill up on energy

Matcha is a true concentrate of green tea, as it contains ten times the nutritional value of an infused tea. While we do not keep the infused tea leaves, it is consumed and assimilated in our body.

Moreover, by releasing its caffeine over an extended period after consumption, matcha offers interesting stimulating virtues, making it a good alternative to coffee



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Supports immune system and cardiovascular health

Great source of antioxidants, like polyphenols and catechin, matcha is also rich in chlorophyll, a wonderful natural remedy. In a nutshell, the benefits of matcha are endless; it has the power to strengthen our immune system, to protect against certain infections and to help with intestinal and cardiovascular problems.

These few examples show how matcha should be part of our daily health routine.


This powdered green tea also contains an amino acid (L-Theanine) known to ease the mind and regulate our mood as well as our sleep. This magical powder will not only soothe your heart but also your mood, from breakfast to afternoon cakes!


Enjoy the benefits of Matcha

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