Rose latte

Rose latte

Discover our brand-new rose latte recipe, a perfect fusion between the floral delicacy of roses and the creamy sweetness of our Barista oat beverage!





- 200ml Oatbox Barista oat beverage
- ½ teaspoon beet powder
- 1/8 teaspoon rose water
- 1 pinch of dried rose petals

*optional: 1 espresso



1. Whisk beet powder, rose water and a dash of Oatbox Barista oat beverage in your favorite mug.
2.*Optional: Add an espresso for a caffeinated experience.
3. Froth the Oatbox Barista oat beverage and pour into the mug.
4. Garnish with a pinch of dried rose petals.
5. Enjoy!