Oatbox oat milk

The adventure behind our oat beverages

The evolution of Oatbox


In 2014, our goal was to simplify people's daily lives by offering a range of varied breakfast granolas, delivered directly to our subscribers' homes.


Having quickly gained popularity in Montreal and across Canada, our product range has expanded. Our granolas, oatmeals, overnight oats and oat bars found their way onto the shelves of the province's biggest grocery chains, satisfying even more consumers who wanted to save time while ensuring the quality of their food


Oatbox Oat based products



A few years ago, we decided to sharpen our focus. We realized that we didn't just want to offer healthy breakfasts, we wanted to think bigger and become the oat experts


oatbox team in oat field


Since we believe in its infinite potential, due to its environmental and health benefits, as well as its versatility, our team started thinking: how could we get more oats into the hands of even more people?




Our latest innovation: oat beverages


Oatbox's ambition is to develop better food alternatives made from Canadian oats. Developing oat beverages seemed the logical next step, as it's a complementary product to our existing delicious range.


oat beverage with overnight oats



We've also noticed that more and more people are looking for plant-based alternatives to cow's milk, whether for health, environmental or animal ethics reasons.


With the growth in popularity of plant-based milks, Oatbox wanted to seize an opportunity and offer its customers high-quality, locally-produced oat beverages.


oatbox oat beverage Original and Barista





Oat m*lks produced right here, locally


To offer our customers a superior product, there was only one solution: build our own plant to control the manufacturing process.

Our oat beverages are made fresh from Canadian oats in our own world-class plant in Quebec.


oatbox lab


The exceptional organoleptic qualities of our oat beverages (taste, texture...) are the result of our team's expertise and their partnership with many professionals in the world of plant-based alternatives.




Our pride and joy


Oatbox oat beverages are the result of two years of research and development to create the best beverages on the market. They're plant-based, dairy-free, with no added sugar. 


Oatbox Oat m*lk


 Now available on our website and in grocery stores!