We're all in on oats.

Oats are our passion and our expertise.

Our mission is simple. We want to get oats in the hands of more consumers.

Now, let’s talk about your mission and how Oatbox can help you make it happen.

  • Oatbox at The Office

    Ensure your staff has access to nutritious and delicious snacks with Oatbox. Made from Canadian organic oats and premium ingredients, our variety of plant-based products keeps stomachs full and minds sharp. 

    Contact us to add Oatbox to your office’s daily routine with our partners Servomax or Fruit O Bureau.

  • Upgrade Your Business Offer

    Companies like VIA Rail, Le Germain Hotels, Lufa Farms, Chef Cook It and Café Saint-Henri have Oatbox products available to their customers, each in their own way.

    Contact us to find out how our oat-based products can upgrade your business offer.

  • Oat Base Manufacturing Plant

    Oatbox now owns a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant to produce oat milk in Eastern Canada. Our liquid oat base meets industry standards and your brand requirements through a variety of certifications.

    Supply is guaranteed with a contract. Contact us to receive samples.

Doing more with less is what our team has always believed in.

More than ever we are making decisions based on our values and our commitment.

What are the benefits of working with us?

  • Environmental awareness through all our operations

  • One of the highest fill rates of the industry