3 Easter activities to enjoy with your loved ones

3 Easter activities to enjoy with your loved ones

At Oatbox, Easter is synonymous with chocolate, the long weekend and fun with our loved ones. After two years of postponing holidays and family gatherings, we know how valuable these moments of togetherness are, now more than ever.



To make sure you are inspired to fully enjoy this yummy holiday, our team prepared a list of their favorite Easter activities. Spoiler alert, most combine our love of oats and chocolate.



Revisited Easter egg hunt.



The Easter egg hunt is a classic and as you know, we love revisiting classics at Oatbox.



This year, how about changing up your traditional egg hunt by replacing some chocolates by our Double Choco oat bars for kids?
Gluten-free and nut-free, they are not only a safe find for all participants, but also a delicious and nourishing after-hunt snack. 



Easter hunt with double choco bars



Chocolatey accents for your Easter brunch.



There’s nothing like gathering for a nice big meal and Easter brunch is the perfect opportunity to add chocolate treats to the table. 



Our decadent chocolate cookie recipe is delicious and easy to follow. Made with our Dark Chocolate Mix oatmeal, everyone in the family is guaranteed to love these vegan cookies. 



Family Easter crafts.



What if we tried something other than dyeing Easter eggs this year? Since Oatbox now only offers 100% plant-based recipes, we decided to think about what other Easter crafts could be fun while also being good for our beautiful planet. 



Dig in your recycling bin for paper and cardboard that you can paint with bright colors and turn into a nice garland for the house. Use your empty toilet paper rolls to craft the popular Easter chicks and bunnies. Don’t forget, Easter is also the ideal time to plant sunflower seeds. If you have a bit of soil on hand, plant a few sunflower seeds with your children and you’ll be able to watch them bloom throughout the summer. One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of craft ideas online to find your family’s new favorite activity. 



Easter brunch



Happy Easter!