Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

We often hear about the benefits of dark chocolate, but what are they really? Indeed, we often attribute all kinds of virtues to food, sometimes true, sometimes not. It is therefore crucial to sort out what is true and what is not when it comes to the foods you want to include in your routine!

You will no doubt be happy to learn that dark chocolate has many reasons to be on your list of healthy yet indulgent food, especially when it is 100% plant-based! We certainly won't complain about it, all our chocolates, from white to dark, are made with plants.

Moreover, when it comes to dark chocolate, which is simply a chocolate that contains at least 43% cocoa, the higher the cocoa percentage, the better!



Dark chocolate to lift the mood?

We often hear that eating a piece of dark chocolate will cheer you up, but even though we kind of want to believe this one, what does science tell us? Well, dark chocolate contains several substances which, each in their own way, can help fighting depression.

Once absorbed, anandamide and phenylalanin both provide an immediate wellbeing effect, much like endorphins do.


Magnesium helps calm anxiety and other forms of stress, and the small amount of caffeine contained in dark chocolate acts as a stimulant, helping to reduce drowsiness and increase attention and concentration.



Your healthy dose of antioxidant

Just like red wine, dark chocolate is full of flavonoids, these precious antioxidants that help prevent many types of cancer and slow down signs of aging.

Pair your favorite Pinot Noir with a piece of dark chocolate for an indulgent snack packed with antioxidants!


Good for your heart

Eating a piece of dark chocolate or two everyday is a great habit to keep for a healthy heart. It helps reduce bad cholesterol in the blood and prevent the formation of clots that clog the arteries, thus regulating blood pressure.

Dark chocolate also has anti-inflammatory properties, so go ahead and treat yourself!


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