Maca & Hemp overnight oats recipe

Oat, Maca & Hemp Savory Pancakes

We teamed up with Geneviève Plante, the creative mind behind Vert Couleur Persil, to help you recharge on proteins and nutrients with a tasty recipe. Using our Maca & Hemp Overnight Oats, she created a simple yet delicious savory pancake recipe. Enjoy!


10 minutes
10 minutes
4 portions







3/4 cup Oatbox Maca & Hemp with protein Overnight Oats
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp sea salt
2 eggs or 2 flax eggs*
3/4 cup of milk of your choice
1 handful fresh and cut dill
2 tbsp fresh and cut chives
Generous pinch ground pepper
Vegetable oil, for cooking




Sour cream or vegan soy or cashew based sour cream, to taste
150 to 200g sliced smoked salmon or vegan alternative
1 green apple, julienned 
Few branches of dill




1. In a bowl, mix together the pancakes ingredients, except the vegetable oil, until the texture is smooth.

2. In a non-stick pan, heat the oil at medium heat. Evenly spread about 1/2 cup of the mixture at the center of the pan and cook for about 2 minutes on each side. Repeat for a total of 4 pancakes.

3. Top the pancakes with your sour cream, smoked salmon, apples and dill and enjoy!


* Flax Egg
To make 1 flax egg, mix together 1 tbsp of ground flaxseeds with 2 tbsp of water and let rest in the fridge for 15 minutes.