A look back at our So You Think You Can FOAM event on May 10, 2024

A look back at our So You Think You Can FOAM event on May 10, 2024

Since our latest So You Think You Can FOAM event was exclusive to professional baristas, we've decided to give you an insider's view of this festive, social evening. 


We suggest you read on to the end, as a few surprises await you, and we need your help! 



Why a So You Think You Can FOAM latte art competition?


Our official launch in Ontario


After the success of our last edition in Montreal on September 12 to celebrate the market launch of our oat beverages, we decided to repeat the experience in Toronto! 

We were able to announce to professionals working in the world of specialty coffee that our locally-produced, professional-quality Barista oat beverage was now available for their business, via Costco Business Center and our specialized distributors. 

Few had ever had the opportunity to discover or practice the product, and the response was unanimous! 

Testimonial 1

Thanks a bunch for putting together such an awesome event! (...) It was my first time trying Oatbox, and wow, I was blown away by the quality! 

Brian, 2nd place in the competition

Testimonial 2

We all truly enjoyed ourselves and deeply appreciated the amount of attention to detail your team all put in to launching your incredible product!

Louise, competition participant

Testimonial 3

Thank you again, for sharing your fantastic product to Ontario and allowing the community to shine alongside you folks!

Venice, competition judge

The event brought baristas from Ontario (and beyond!) together on a mission: to demonstrate that an oatmeal latte can be not only as good, but as beautiful as a classic latte. 

Guests were also invited to try their hand at one of our test stations. It was an opportunity to see just how talented our barista artists are.

Competition winners


48 baristas from across the country, from Quebec to British Columbia -and Ontario, of course-! competed for the 3 prizes up for grabs, worth a total of $10,000! 

The level of competition was simply breathtaking, as you can read here from our judges and host:

Testimonial 1

The level completely stunned me! I'd never seen a Latte Art competition of this caliber in action, and it was cool to see.

Max, competition host

Testimonial 2

The energy in the room was palpable, and the dedication to excellence obvious.

Sevan, competition judge

After 6 rounds of competition, our 3 winners came out on top, as follows: 

1st place: Jun, barista at Black Tusk Coffee

2nd place: Brian, barista at % Arabica

3rd place: Homin, barista at Areta arena Bread & Coffee

Are you a Club Foamo member?


The occasion was too good not to let Club Foamo, launched just a few weeks earlier, shine.

What is Club Foamo?


It's a space designed for specialty beverage enthusiasts who want to exchange, get inspired, learn and have fun around their passion. 

You'll find interviews with inspiring members of the community, tips and practical information, recipe ideas to try and put on the menu, information on our upcoming events and those of the industry, and even cafés highlighted for their vibe. 

How do you get involved?


It's easy. Go to Instagram to subscribe to the Club Foamo account and become part of the gang! 

What's next?


With so much happiness in the eyes of our team, our guest baristas and all our partners, we can't leave it at that!

We've decided to organize a series of friendly latte art competitions over the next few months, and put the spotlight on the artists who work in specialty cafés near you. 

Surrounded by the best artists in the province, we want to pursue our mission of offering the best alternative products to as many people as possible, without compromising on taste or quality. 

Be sure to check out Club Foamo!

Do you know a barista who deserves to be in the spotlight? Does your favorite café make the most Instagrammable plant-based latte art? Invite them to become members of Club Foamo and let our paths meet! 

Psst... Born in 2014, Oatbox will be celebrating its 10th anniversary. A celebration that promises to be grandiose. We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss a thing.

Thanks to our partners


AB Systems: jury and professional competition equipment

Spill The Beans: test stations

Nata PR: press relations

Christopher Tellez: photography and video capture

Quest Av: Lighting and sound

Food Dudes catering: each of our food stations offered plant-based alternatives

Steam Whistle Brewery: event venue