What Is Pea Protein - Benefits and Use

What Is Pea Protein - Benefits and Use

Pea protein: an unknown treasure of the plant kingdom

Plant-based and providing countless benefits, the pea protein is starting to grow in popularity. Find out why this plant-based alternative is so unique.

What is pea protein? The pea protein is not only good for us, but also for the planet! You might think that it is simply made from powdered peas, but it is actually the result of a filtration process that allows for obtaining a protein concentrate.


Its benefits: Pea protein is the new star ingredient and you can understand why when you take the time to analyze its properties. It's easy to digest, dairy-free, and gluten-free but it's also considered a quite complete protein. It does contain seven of the nine essential amino acids which makes it an exceptional product given that it is rare for so many amino acids to be found in foods from the plant kingdom. More specifically, this protein is ideal after workouts because its process for rebuilding muscle tissue is optimal.


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Nutritional value: For a 30g serving, pea protein contains around 25g of protein, which is very similar to whey-style powders. Regarding vitamins and minerals, we notice a high level of iron. Regardless of your diet, iron deficiency is quite common, so this is a great option to get your daily intake.


How to use it ? Now that you know its many virtues, it's time to incorporate it into your diet. From oatmeal to pancake mix to energy balls, you can sprinkle it into virtually any breakfast or snack recipe. Pea protein can also be mixed with flour when making bread and muffins.


There is no doubt, this is a revelation for athletes of all levels who want to recover optimally after exercise; those who want to make more room for plant-based food; or simply for foodies who embrace discovering new products and ingredients. To get you familiar with pea protein, we suggest you take a look at our variety of ready-to-mix Sm’Oaty. With its many options of flavors ranging from fruity to chocolate forward, you will enjoy its simple ingredients and won’t be able to do without them!


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