3 recipes to enjoy a (vegan) sugar shack brunch at home

3 recipes to enjoy a (vegan) sugar shack brunch at home

Discover, or rediscover 3 of our best recipes to enjoy a vegan sugar shack style brunch in the comfort of your home!

It's great to rediscover the pleasure of cooking, sharing and celebrating the sugaring-off season with family and friends!


1. Vegan Maple Syrup Crepes


Vegan maple syrup crepes


vegan crepes recipe to smother in Maple Syrup. Add a crunch to your classic by topping your crepes with our Salted Caramel Granola.



2. Crispy Granola French Toast


Vegan Crispy French Toast



Is there anything more appetizing than a crusty vegan French toast with plant-based yogurt, Maple Syrup and Crunchy granola?



3. Plant-based Waffle with Caramel and Granola


Vegan Waffles with caramel and granola


Here is a plant-based waffles recipe which does not miss sweetness! Also use our recipe for vegan creamy caramel that goes great with your favorite cakes, crepes and seasonal fresh fruit.