3 steps to make great oatmeal (and a few recipes)

3 steps to make great oatmeal (and a few recipes)

Often considered the ultimate comfort snack, oatmeal is also known as a health ally thanks to its high fibre content. It has also been observed that one of its fibres, more specifically beta-glucan, plays a role in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases when we enjoy oats as part of a balanced diet.



Unfortunately, many people still associate oatmeal to an unappetizing porridge eaten with very little conviction. Did you know that just a handful of tips, such as your choice of oats, your preparation method or even the additional ingredients you choose to pimp your bowl could forever reconcile your relationship with oatmeal?



Follow these tips and tricks gleaned from oatmeal aficionados we had the chance to meet and learn preparation secrets from. As a bonus, find some fun recipes, as well as snack ideas to make from our oatmeal blends, so that your life with oatmeal is never bland again! 



1. Which oats to pick for good oatmeal?



The answer depends on how much time you have to prepare your oatmeal. If you’re like us and you like for your oatmeal to be ready in less than 2 minutes, choose quick-cooking oats, also known as rolled oats, or any of our instant oatmeal blends.



The main difference with these flakes is that the oat is rolled into a thin flake, which helps reduce their cooking time. Therefore, whether you prefer preparing your oats on the stove or using the microwave, quick-cooking oats are ready in less than 2 minutes.



Are you maybe craving a creamier texture and have 15 to 20 minutes to spare? Use steel-cut oats, or any of our overnight oats (which are all crafted from steel-cut oats). It is the least processed kind of oat. The grain is simply cut in pieces and requires a longer cooking time because of its thickness. That being said, this type of oat will offer a creamier texture than its quick-cooking version.


The oats we select for our blends, whether rolled or steel-cut, are Canadian, organic and of premium quality so that your snacks are as good for the planet as they are on your plate. 



Oat field



2. How to prepare your oatmeal to make sure it’s tasty?



Plant milk or water? 



If your goal is to obtain the tastiest and creamiest oatmeal, we recommend using plant milk to prepare it. 



It comes as no surprise that we think the best choice for your oatmeal recipes is oat milk. In addition to being super delicious, it will increase the proportion of oats in your bowl therefore increasing their benefits



That being said, other plant milks can be used depending on the recipes you have in mind and your personal preference! For example, almond milk could be a great fit for oatmeal garnished with nuts (almonds, pecans, hazelnuts…), or coconut milk oatmeal mixed with exotic notes of mango or pineapple.



You currently have a weight loss goal you’re working to reach and are looking for a low calorie snack? Prepare your oatmeal with water but remember, the goal is to stay away from a bland snack. Don’t be afraid to use spices to enhance the flavour of your ingredients. Cinnamon for apple oatmeal or even vanilla for mixed berry oatmeal.



You can also choose to prepare your oatmeal with equal parts water and plant milk for a snack offering both an interesting nutritional intake and controlled calorie intake. 



If you decide to use Oatbox oatmeal blends, all you will need to do is add the liquid of your choice because we created our recipes with one goal in mind: to offer tasty blends bursting with harmonious flavours that do not need additional spices or sugar.



Proportions to respect



Now, not all rules are meant to be followed to a T. In order to meet most people's expectations, we did come up with a base proportion suggestion, which is to prepare your oatmeal with ⅓ cup of solid ingredients (ours include oats, dehydrated fruits or even nuts) and ¾ cup of liquid of your choice.


However, our #1 recommendation is to experiment with quantities and ingredients to find your ideal balance between solid and liquid for your perfect oatmeal.



Women enjoying a bowl of oatmeal



3. Which toppings and extra ingredients to pick for good oatmeal?



Since your oatmeal is already a source of carbohydrates on its own, let’s explore how we can make its nutritional intake even more interesting. Not only by adding nutrients, but by adding even more flavour and texture to your oatmeal thanks to these nutrients. 



Protein and fatty acids



To make sure a snack keeps you full and energized to start or continue the day, it is recommended to add protein and fatty acids to it.



If your go-to oatmeal recipe already has some, that’s perfect! You can otherwise look into adding oilseeds (almonds, nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, peanuts…) in their whole form, cut or even as a butter to let melt in your oatmeal as you enjoy it.  



Chia seeds are another popular and interesting source of protein and they can also add a nice crunch to your oatmeal if you eat it immediately after adding the seeds.



Always more fibre



Whether your oatmeal already has dehydrated fruit that will rehydrate while cooking, or not, there’s nothing wrong with adding a few fresh and in season fruits to your snack. Think local and organic to satisfy your hunger while also taking care of our beautiful planet.



Here are a few examples of winning combinations:
Our Dark Chocolate Mix oatmeal topped with fresh strawberries
Our Banana & Dark Chocolate oatmeal topped with pisces of ripe banana
Our Maple & Pecan oatmeal topped with slices of pear
Our Mixed Berry oatmeal topped with a handful of fresh berries



Unconventional but just as tempting, try crumbling up a few cookies in your oatmeal to give it a nice crunchy texture. 



Oatmeal recipes



Bowl recipes



After sharing a few winning combinations with you, let us give you a few more elaborate oatmeal recipes for a quick and delicious snack.



This White Chocolate & Espresso hearty oatmeal breakfast bowl is a must and is sure to keep you full (and happy)! You can also create it using our Dark Chocolate Mix oatmeal, which pairs just as nicely with the peanut butter and berries. 



Recipes made with our oatmeal blends



You want to switch up your snacks without losing the benefits of oatmeal? It’s as easy as adding our blends to your recipes!



Discover these oatmeal and granola vegan scones, which you can easily customize according to you and your families favorite ingredients. The same applies to these plant-based banana cookies, made from our Banana & Dark Chocolate oatmeal blend.



Looking for even more crunch? Bake our Raspberry date squares, featuring our Mixed Berry oatmeal.



Raspberry Date Squares



So, are you ready to give oatmeal a chance to become your new go-to snack? To keep it easy and simple, discover our classic and original blends that only need a few minutes to cook with your favorite plant milk.