10 everyday recipes with oat m*lk

10 everyday recipes with oat m*lk

Let yourself be inspired by this variety of everyday recipes, created with our Original and Barista oat beverages! These drinks and snacks have been veganized, without compromising on taste, to treat yourself while contributing to your well-being and that of our planet.



1- Smoothie bowl with turmeric 


A surprise ingredient has been added to this smoothie recipe! Once you've tried it, you won't be able to live without it. 

Smoothie bowl with turmeric


2- Chaï latte Columbus Cafe style 


A delicious hot drink with chaï spices that we created in collaboration with Columbus cafe! 

Chaï Latte Columbus Cafe style



3- Banana and oat bread 


An everyday favorite made with our Original oat m*lk.

Banana and oat bread


4- Orange and vanilla matcha latte 


Want to add a touch of sunshine to your day? Try our recipe for matcha latte with orange and vanilla, a drink as surprising as it is delicious!

Orange and vanilla matcha latte



5- Breakfast crepes with maple syrup


Immerse yourself in sweetness and comfort with this 100% plant-based crepe recipe.




6- Hot chocolate with marshmallows 


Make this hot chocolate topped with plant-based marshmallows, featuring our barista oat beverage.
Hot chocolate with marshmallows



7- PB&J style overnight oats 


Revisit the famous peanut butter and jam sandwich in an overnight oats version!

PB&J Style Overnight Oats



8- Oat and chocolate muffins 


In just a few minutes, you can bake up a batch of muffins that are sure to satisfy your cravings. We highly recommend pairing them with a glass of oat beverage! 



9- Maple and pecan oatmeal crusted tofu 


A surprising and tasty combination to enhance a seasonal salad.


10- Naan pizza with mushrooms and creamy cheese sauce


Let yourself be inspired by this decadent recipe from Cook It! The sauce can also be used to cook Mac and Cheese. 

Naan pizza with mushroom and creamy sauce